Tuesday, May 22, 2018

ALSO IN SLOVENIAN LANGUAGE(RODOMOR-HOLODOMOR): The one who should be most disgusted of Trump family are Czech(Czech and Polish) people

This is by far most disgusting American family there ever was...Ivanka a Czech girl and her ex husband Donald - nothing more than a Russian spy and now even US president.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Montenegro rejects Kremlin/Belgrade world of genocidal politics

There are Russians here in same town as I am in Slovenia and happy to be as far as possible from motherland(they are pleased with life here in Novo mesto and very critical of what is like in Russia)...I disbelieved their views for a long time, but do understand that Putin's phenomena is no different from Stalin era with what grew into support from West for the sake of new global takeover(real NWO) imperial plan...my uncle(proudest Montenegrin ever who was Yugoslav general and loved Serbs and Russians just as own people) wouldn't believe his own eyes per whats happening....but is happening Milis(Milislav)...it's happening...

WESTERN PRESS SEES/KNOWS NOTHING: Ukraine under severe Russian assault as Russia readying itself for total invasion

Exactly as I was told and have told you will, is happening http://ausertimes.blogspot.si/2018/05/with-over-260000-soldiers-along.html

Do you know what job of politicians is !!????

Collect money, glory, and send caskets to pick you up.
NOW YOU ALSO KNOW WHAT YOURS IS ACCORDING TO THEIR NEEDS...OR I SHOULD SAY WHAT IS EXPECTED OF YOU(handshake with them will leave you with bitter taste in your mouths and your hands/clothing wet ONLY)....


I absolutely do not want to have anything to do with elites involved in one because:

1) I have self respect

2) I know what genocide is(have proven one via case of my own).

3) Once traitor is always a traitor(these people did nothing but betray - their word is solid less than water). This are nothing but jelly faced hypocrites/liars.

4) Once you(UKRAINE and POLAND) get involved in such plan and participate in Africa/Mideast, you will be seen(once colonization plan is completed and your turn comes) no different from the one who have done evil to the people from those regions...it will be happening to you the same(KREMLIN WILL GET YOU) as you have done to others in-front of the eyes of the world and nooobody will care for you even a bit  -   YOU GET IT !!?????

5) Most of elites(not all as some try hard to get ahead in life and be part of societies in a positive way) are just lazy good for nothing opinionated whack-jobs who know price of everything and value of nothing...you wouldn't find more on their resumes than "play golf - sleep well had chat and tea with this and that chap"...

6) What do I need them for other than to collect what they owe me....

Related to http://ausertimes.blogspot.si/2018/05/do-you-know-what-job-of-politicians-is.html

NOTICE: I am NOT leaving Slovenia any time soon(at least not for another year)

There is someone very special that may come for a visit and I hope much more, but I am not leaving Slovenia till things are done(completed) as promised on this very news site with absolutely anyone.

If anywhere on border or airport, please know that not voluntary.

No free tickets(easy ride) to Aleksandar Vučič or Putan Putanowich for the biggest disgrace in modern history of the world. I know very very well what sort of cards I hold in my hands....

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Simply translating complain into English language

Ukraine will not last long...end is near

There are two politicians Ukraine should fear imminently...one is Poroshenko and another one is American agent Saakashvili...either of this two is certain DEATH for Ukraine.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

While some build for thermselves a billion Dollars worth palaces, over 20% of population in Russia is drowning in poverty

Country is poor and politics backwards....really scary place to be and without any hopes for better future.

There is no more than 145 million people in Russia and when you consider number 20 million that live in below poverty line(with less than $140 per month), a "success" story becomes the one you don't want anywhere even near...


Millions more Russians living in poverty as economic crisis bites

Neighbor(Kremlin) gives me 3 hours of sleep

I woke up with unbearable amount of pressure noise in my head and all wet...never mind, back to work.